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6 February 2022
Scuba diving
6 February 2022

Kitesurf initiation lessons in Leucate: For beginners curious to discover kitesurfing in good conditions in order to practice quickly in complete freedom, and in a responsible way in the Mediterranean Sea, in Languedoc-Roussillon.

The lessons last about 4 hours in total: 1 hour of preparation and 3 hours of practice on the pond of La Palme to start.

Sailing conditions for kite lessons:

  • Radio link
  • Max. 4 kite wings per instructor
  • Shallow water practice area
  • Transportation to the island by semi-rigid boat
  • All kite gear is provided except for shoes and sunglasses


Unikite recommends that beginners who have never done piloting should try their hand at small traction wings (-3 m2) in 2 lines with a bar.
In light wind conditions (-8 knots) and in an area clear of any obstacles, you will quickly learn the flight window and the power zones, which will save you time on your first lesson.

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