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This site ( is available in different web languages (PHP, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, etc …). For ease of use and the best graphics experience, we recommend using search engines such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Hotel La Vigie will make every effort to ensure up to date information on its sites. However, errors and omissions might occur. The user must verify all information on the site with Hotel la Vigie, and indicate any modifications he or she judges necessary. Hotel la Vigie is in no way responsible for the way in which information from the website is used by a third party, or for any detrimental effect its direct or indirect use might have.
Cookies : The site might ask for you to accept cookies for statistical and promotional needs. A cookie is a piece of information which is stored on hard-disc by the web-site server you are visiting. It contains data which is stocked in a file on your computer which a server will have access to in order to read and record information. Certain areas of this site are only available to browse once you have accepted the use of cookies.
Hypertext links: Websites often propose links to other websites or internet resources. Hotel la Vigie does not control hyperlinks it uses. Hotel la Vigie is not responsible for these sites and external resources, and cannot guarantee them in any way. Hotel la Vigie is not responsible for any damage of any type caused by the contents of these websites and external sources, notably information, products or services proposed, or for any use made of their contents. Use of information, products or services is made at the internet user’s own risk, and he or she must adhere to conditions of use. Users, subscribers and visitors to the site are strictly forbidden from creating a hyperlink towards the site without the prior authorisation of Hotel la Vigie. Should a user, subscriber or visitor wish to create a hyperlink to the website, he or she must first contact the hotel in writing via the contact form which is available on the website, to ask for permission to do so. Hotel La Vigie retains the right to accept or to refuse any request without having to justify its decision.

1. Personal data

Your personal data is protected under the modified Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978. It is used to identify and provide contact details for you and may be used by Hotel la Vigie, its partners and contractors. Should we wish to contact you in the future, your information will be used by Hotel la Vigie and its partners to send you offers, unless you specifically request otherwise. You are of course allowed to access, delete or modify any of your personal data, and this can be done by sending your request via the contact form on the website Generally, you will not be asked to communicate your personal data when you visit the website However, this is not always the case. A number of the services offered on our site might entail a request for information such as your name, title, company name, email and telephone number, for example if you filled in the online form on the contact page. You are able to decline giving your personal data but you will not be able to use certain services available on the site, in particular in order to obtain further information about our company and services we offer, or to obtain a newsletter. Finally, a certain amount of information can be relayed to our company following your visit to our website, such as information concerning the way in which our site is browsed, areas which you visit and services to which you have had access, your IP address, the browser you use, and the time you spend on site. This information is used specifically for internal statistical reasons so that we can improve the quality of service we offer. Our database is protected by the Law relating to the Legal Protection of Databases of 1st July 1998, as taken from the 96/9 Directive of 11 March 1996.


2. Cookies

Non-personal data is collected whilst you browse, via cookies, for statistical use. The files stored on your computer allow Hotel La Vigie to record data related to your visit to the website (pages consulted, date and time of your visit …). This information in no way allows us to identify you, its sole aim being to facilitate access to our site and to improve the experience.

3. Site content

Hotel la Vigie cannot guarantee that information on its website is exact, precise, up to date or exhaustive. Subsequently, Hotel la Vigie declines all responsibility for inexact, incorrect information available on the website, or for any omissions that have gone unseen.

4. Intellectual property

The website, along with all the elements which it is composed of (in particular texts, photographs, videos or brand names …), form an intellectual work under articles 112-2 and the following of the Intellectual Property Code, under French and International law pertaining to Literary and Artistic Property. Pages of the website may only be copied, in any form including hard drive, for personal use only.

Subsequently, it is illegal to represent or reproduce the site or any of the elements it is composed of, for commercial use, without prior written consent from the Hotel la Vigie. Representation or reproduction without prior consent could constitute an act of counterfeit which the counterfeiter would be deemed legally responsible for. Rights with regards to filmed adverts, or pieces of music included in these films, belong to the music artist and owner concerned.

5. Hypertext links

Hypertext links are in place on the current website to create a link to external websites for which we have absolutely no responsibility, either for their contents or for the links they contain, or their conditions of use (in particular their data management …). Hyperlinks to take you to may only be made with the express and prior written agreement by Hotel la Vigie. Deep-bedded hyperlinks, or using the technique of framing, are strictly forbidden.

6. Exemption from technical responsibility

Hotel la Vigie will make every effort to provide access to its website at all times. However, Hotel la Vigie declines all responsibility for any difficulties encountered whilst accessing the website, or for interruptions to the connection, regardless of their cause. Hotel la Vigie retains the right to change any part of its site it deems necessary and useful to, at any time and without any particular warning, including if the site needs to be taken temporarily off-line.

Furthermore, Hotel la Vigie cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused, including inaccessibility to the site, loss of data, damage or destruction or virus-caused damage to tech equipment, or for the presence of a virus on its site. You must acknowledge that no computer configuration used to gain access to contains a virus, and that it is in perfect working order prior to access to our website.

7. Disputes:

The Conditions of Use of the website  fall under the auspices of French law and any contestation or dispute born from their interpretation or the way in which they are used will be dealt with in the appropriate courts. In the case of a dispute, French is the language of reference to be used to settle any contention.

8. Services provided:

The company’s activities, and information concerning the company, are presented on the website Hotel La Vigie does its utmost to provide accurate, informative material at all times. Information found on the site is non-exhaustive and photos are non-contractual. Hotel la Vigie reserves the right to modify information that has changed since being put on line. And generally, all information given on the website is given as an indicator and is liable to change or evolve at any time.

9. Contractual limitations on data:

Information contained on the website is as accurate as possible at the time of publication, and is updated throughout the year. It is possible, however, that the website contains inaccurate material or omissions. If you notice an error or a malfunction, we would be grateful if you let us know by using the contact form on the website and describing the problem as accurately as possible (page, type of computer and browser used, …). Any material downloaded is done so under the user’s responsibility. Consequently, he or she is the sole person responsible for any damage or loss of data the download might cause. Site visitors are politely asked to access the site using virus-free, recent devices with an up-to-date browser. Hypertext links in place on the site which lead to further web resources do not, in any way, come under the responsibility of Hotel la Vigie.

10. Intellectual property:

All website contents including but not limited to graphics, images, texts, videos, animated films, sounds, logos, gifs and icons, and the way they are presented, belong exclusively to the company with exception of brands, logos or contents belonging to other companies or partner companies. Reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, sharing or publication of these different elements, even partially, is strictly forbidden without the written and prior consent of Hotel la Vigie. Any reproduction or misrepresentation, by any means, is seen as counterfeiting and is punishable through articles L.335-2 and the following of the Code of Intellectual Property. It is an offense to counterfeit, you are responsible for abiding by the law, and failure to do so will engage your legal and civil responsibility. Owners of copied material can take legal action should they need to.